Aggregates Weigh Master Kiosk System with custom weighing solutions

Aggregate Weigh Master Kiosk System Solution

  • Aggregate Weigh Master Kiosk System Solution

    Aggregate Weigh Master Kiosk System Solution


    Scope of Operations

    1. Truck Enters Scale and stops @ Inbound Kiosk
    2. Truck Performs Inbound Weigh operation and receives an acknowledgment to drive through Volumetric Scanner.
    3. Truck returns to scale loaded and drives through volumetric scanner then stops @ Outbound Kiosk
    4. The driver performs outbound Transaction
    a. Receives Ticket with signatures and transaction data. Volumetric Data included if applicable.
    b. Images are recorded and latched to the transaction in the database

    Truck Scale Custom Solutions


    Principle of Operations 
    Aggergate Weigh Master Solutions
    The WLS Series operates by comparing the loaded vehicle scan profile with that of its corresponding empty profile. The difference between the two profiles are then used to calculate the actual volumetric load of material carried by the vehicle. The advanced algorithms provide the actual load volume within seconds. The provided sensor hood is mounted above the path of the vehicle on a pole. The vehicles must only drive under the scanner hood at a slow constant speed. Tere is no need to stop as the WLS Series operates dynamically.

    System Details:
    1 x Inbound Kiosk System
    1 x Outbound Kiosk System
    Weigh Master Truck Transaction Software With Report Generation

    Software Details:
    Weigh Master Truck Transaction Software Weigh Master software is FULLY customizable software package that is designed to meet any operations scope the customer would like. All touchscreen operations can be customized per customer to meet specific operational needs. Back office reporting is automated to allow the customer to see full reports generated per day (or specified time/s). This feature can also be linked to a ‘Dropbox’ or ‘SugarSync’ type of service which gives the customer’s clients/ associates direct access to the reports generated through any device connected over the internet


    • Mulch & Biomass
    • Mining
    • Waste
    • Construction
    • Agriculture
    • Rail
    • Quarry
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