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OUR CULTURE AT ADVANCE is based on our Core Values: Respect, Integrity, Safety, Engagement, Understanding, and Passion.

We are inspired by our customers and work for the customers, to become the partner of choice for all supply chain needs. We are passionate about exceeding expectations, and creating a dynamic and challenging work environment for our team! We work together to build genuine and progressive relationships with our customers, and communicate what makes Advance special, through listening and responding to our customers’ needs.

ADVANCE offers a diverse and inclusive workplace that engages team members through empowerment and personal investment.  The wide range of services that we provide our customers offers a unique workplace environment that includes cross-training opportunities to support individual development and the ability to learn a new role completely.  From Service to Sales to Administrative roles, ADVANCE celebrates individual contribution through acknowledgement, collaboration, and succession planning.

Our Mission
To provide a dynamic and challenging environment for our Team.  Individuals are encouraged to ask questions, make suggestions, and participate in global discussions in a safe and productive environment.

Our Vision
To be the partner of choice for our customers’ supply chain needs.  Individual growth is just as important as company growth here, and our commitment to our customers shows through our commitment to our people.

Our Purpose
To advocate for the weighing and material handling industry’s impact on our customers, businesses, and communities we serve.  We are always looking for new talent and experience to bring a fresh perspective to our team!


Installation Team Member > Service Tech Trainee > Service Technician > Service Tech Trainer

Eric Miller (8 years)

“The best part of Advance Scale? We are family company, and you really do feel like family.

My years with this company has trained me for every type of job out there.  My time on the Installation Team offered experience in all stages of foundation work, including fabrication of custom design to meet customer needs. The Service Department helped me understand how much the entire world relies on scales. Every day is something different- you get to experience every industry out there!”

Peg (1 year)

“I had been working as a Billing/Scheduler, in the Fire Sprinkler Protection field, for almost 15 years when I came to ADVANCE. From day one, the ADVANCE Family has made me feel welcome and part of the Team. I say Family because it truly feels that way. We are all encouraged to ask questions and give suggestions on how we can improve processes that are in place. No one is ever made to feel “bad” because a mistake may have been made, but rather spoken to as an equal to correct the problem. I have never felt like I “work for” the owners of ADVANCE, but rather work with them. I have found my “forever work home” at least until I retire!”

Billing Specialist > Billing Lead

Installation Team Member > Installation Manager

TJ Wisely (26 years)

“There’s no I in team here! Since the time I was a young man starting out here, everyone I have worked with has been there to work towards the common goal, completing our tasks day in and day out. Even the owners of the company are out there getting their hands dirty with us. Our capabilities are vast and varied, and every day I still learn something new.”



At ADVANCE, we understand the importance of every role and every person on our Team.  More specifically, the Scale Technician role is one of great importance and is necessary in the overall function of key industries, such as food manufacturing and waste management.  One of the greatest challenges facing the scale and weighing solutions industry is the education and training of the next generation of skilled technicians.  This is not an area of study offered in many school settings, and the recruitment of talent typically comes in the form of an interest of those that have studied in the HVAC, Electrical, and Automotive fields.

With this in mind, ADVANCE has partnered with a local technical school to increase the visibility of this industry through the ASC Apprenticeship Program.  Through this program, Advance will have the opportunity to introduce students of related studies to the vast career opportunities that await them in the scale industry. Students have the opportunity to join the Advance Scale Team through the Summer Apprenticeship Program, or even as a Cooperative Education Intern (Co-op) in their area of study during the school year to supplement their courses.

And as a second-generation family-owned company, apprenticeships are not limited to the service side of the business.  Advance Scale understands the importance of all roles, and also offers apprenticeships to students studying Business Administration and Accounting, too!

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