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Company History

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Our customer relationships have been the foundation on which our second generation family business has grown since 1973, when ADVANCE was founded by Jim and Sheila Santarpio. Since then, dedication, professionalism and integrity have positioned us as a leading provider of weighing system solutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and Northeast corridor.

  • 2021 1973

    Jim (Hoyle) Santarpio leaves Toledo Scale and becomes a partner in Certified Scale Company, Inc based on Woodlynne, NJ

  • 2021 1981

    Hoyle and other partner go separate ways   Hoyle and wife, Sheila, form Advance Scale Company, Inc based in Westmont, NJ with a focus on industrial light and medium scales

  • 2021 1983

    Advance Scale launches its Heavy Capacity (Vehicle, Truck and Railroad Scales) Division

  • 2021 1985

    Expanding its service capabilities, Advance Scale launches its Construction Division  - becoming one of the first scale companies on the East Coast to build pit foundations for its vehicle, truck and railroad scales.   This made Advance Scale as a sole source supplier for its heavy capacity division.

  • 2021 1992

    Advance Scale expands geographical coverage through acquisition of 2 local scale companies. 

  • 2021 1993

    Advance Scale completes a major construction milestone with the completion of a major high-profile State Department of Transportation project.

  • 2021 1994

    Advance Scale celebrates its first retiree, Howard Cook, known throughout the scale industry as “Cookie”.

  • 2021 1995

    Advance Scale moves to its current 20,000 square foot headquarters located in Lindenwold, NJ.

  • 2021 2000

    Advance Scale of Maryland LLC opens an office.  This provides coverage to Maryland, Northern VA and Southeastern PA

  • 2021 2003

    Advance Scale North Jersey opens operations in Northern NJ, New York and the five Boroughs.

  • 2021 2005

    Advance Scale launches a technology division servicing surveillance, security and access control systems.

  • 2021 2006

    Advance Scale celebrates its 25th Anniversary in operation.

  • 2021 2007

    Advance Scale launches operations in Long Island, NJ and acquires the Heavy Capacity Division of a competitive scale company.

  • 2021 2008

    Digital Scales Inc, located in Milltown, NJ, becomes  a part of the Advance Scale family enhancing our capabilities in the light and medium capacity segments, specifically batching, systems and calibration.

  • 2021 2009

    Advance Scale rebrands as ADVANCE.

  • 2021 2012

    Advance Scale becomes the longest family-owned and operated scale company in the State of NJ

  • 2021 2013

    Advance Scale launches its Systems Integration Division focusing its efforts in meeting our customer’s needs for automation, data management and process control

  • 2021 2014

    Advance Scale retires its second employee in its history, George Kuzyk.

  • 2021 2015

    S.W. Betz, a Weighing & Material Handling Equipment company, becomes a part of the ADVANCE family.

  • 2021 2016

    Jim and Chris Santarpio, 2nd generation, take over the management and operations of ADVANCE.

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