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GenieGrips® – Safety That Matters

  • GenieGrips® – Safety That Matters

    GenieGrips® – Safety That Matters

    We have many products / accessories that will help prevent accidents, below are just a few reach to us on how we can help further!

    GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors

    GenieGrips® Loading Mirror Forklift Vision. Expand your horizons.

    The GenieGrips® Loading Mirror is a revolutionary new product for the materials handling industry. This mirror based system for small to medium forklifts allows drivers to see around the load and sight the tynes. Its use significantly reduces damage to goods and infrastructure while improving operational efficiency and safety.


    GenieGrips® Stik-It Pad are a slim, effective solution to protect your product from damage and minimize the risk of slipping loads.Anti-slip surface prevents sliding in the event of fast movement or a sudden stop. Thin enough to allow the forks into the smallest of clearances. Extremely easy to fit, with high performance acrylic adhesive tape to secure them to the forks. Simple solution, with no screws, bolts or tools required. Designed to be paired with GenieGrips® Cushions to provide full forktyne protection.

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