The importance of material handling in any industry

The Importance of Material Handling in any Industry

  • The Importance of Material Handling in any Industry

    The Importance of Material Handling in any Industry

    For many large companies, their warehouse is the hub of their operations. The success of their business depends on the safe and efficient transport of their product from one area of the warehouse to another. Here are 5 reasons why strict materials handling guidelines are crucial to avoiding unnecessary costs.

    1. Avoiding Workplace Accidents/Workplace Compensation Costs
    About 21% of permanent disabilities and over 25% of temporary disabilities can be attributed to workplace accidents due to the mishandling of materials. The key to avoiding this is having the correct equipment and machinery along with the well-trained staff. This will greatly reduce employee injuries and lost sick days.
    2. Efficiency Saves You Money
    A well-organized warehouse with the most efficient materials handling tools will translate into fewer misplaced items. Employees will waste less time searching for products. This will save you money.
    3. Reduces Product Loss
    No company wants to incur product damage and loss in their warehouse which will decrease your profit margin. Implementing good materials handling practices in your warehouse will go a long way to preventing product damage and loss.
    4. The Importance of Warehouse Layout
    Smart storage solutions will create a safe environment for your employees. An open plan of your warehouse will facilitate easy materials handling while minimizing hazardous conditions.
    5. Customer Service Matters
    As a consumer, I typically choose a company based on the quality of their customer service. The faster employees can find the products in your warehouse, the faster you can deliver them to your customers. Correct materials handling contributes to streamlining the coordination of your warehouse operations. Better customer service gives your company the edge over your competition.

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