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In-Motion Checkweigher System Solution

  • In-Motion Checkweigher System Solution

    In-Motion Checkweigher System Solution

    Here is our solution to improve production / ROI, using an In-Motion Checkweigher. Our customer desired a new In-Motion Checkweigher to measure salt bags produced and ensure quality by checkweighing each salt bag traveling down the production line.

    System Description:

    1. 200lb capacity Scale SST Rice Lake Bench Mark.
    2. 2200 Series Dorner Conveyor 25-180 FPM with 480VAC VFD.
    3. 316 SST Checkweigher Frame with leveling feet.
    4. 1280 Programmable Weight Indicator.
    5. I/O interface relays, 32vdc—280VAC capable (PLC signals)
    6. In-motion weight capture program, same currently installed on the 920i online 1.
    7. Ethernet and 802.11g/n network w/ web interface Built into the system. Up to 50 users can be logged into a unit at the same time and can remotely control the unit.
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