Industrial Scale Cleaning provides your scale less maintenance and repairs

Industrial Scale Cleaning

Industrial Scale Cleaning

Bi-annual cleanings during spring and fall months are recommended

Fall: Prevent damage and downtime during winter months

Spring: Remove all debris left behind from snow and salt build up under the scale improving life of scale. Asset management procedures such as routine scale cleaning leads to increased productivity and longer scale life

scale cleaning

Challenges We Face

Accumulation of dirt and debris under scale leads to many possible issues

  • Damage to load cells
  • Binding of scale and load cells
  • Ability to weigh accurately
  • Downtime and loss of production

Our Solutions

The Advance Solution consists of the following

  • Remove debris and clean equipment with our industrial strength (4500 psi) heated powerwashing unit
  • Trained Scale Technicians to prevent damage to scale and components
  • Perform a full diagnostic assessment to identify any damage

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