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Pros and Cons: Buying or Rental of Scales

  • Pros and Cons: Buying or Rental of Scales

    Pros and Cons: Buying or Rental of Scales

    You’ve decided it’s time you need a new scale whether its a truck scale or a large quantity of counting scales.

    Pros and cons: Buying or rental of scales

    • ✔ Lower initial investment
    • ✔ Access to a broader range of equipment at all times
    • ✔ Latest equipment usually offered
    • ✔ Maintenance, insurance etc. handled by another party
    • ✔ Cheaper over the long term
    • ✔ Get a return on your investment when you no longer need the equipment
    • ✔ More flexible—equipment available whenever you need it
    • ✔ Less downtime
    • ✔ Possible tax advantages

    Cost calculator: buying versus renting Scales

    Figure out your expected period of use (in years, months or days) and the amount of use the equipment will get (expected hours of use).

    The cost to rent equipmentThe cost to own equipment
    Rental rate (per year/month/day) x rental period (number of years/months/days) + pickup/delivery charge = total rental costPurchase cost + delivery, maintenance, insurance (ownership costs) – resale value = total ownership cost
    Total rental cost / rental period = rental cost per year/month/dayTotal ownership cost / ownership period = ownership cost per year/month/day
    Total rental cost / expected hours of use = rental cost per hour of useTotal ownership cost / expected hours of use = ownership cost per hour of use



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