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Scale Calibration Quote

Scale Calibration & Preventative Maintenance

 The Advance Solution consists of the following

  • Remove debris and clean equipment with our industrial strength (4500 psi) heated power-washing unit
  • Trained Scale Technicians to prevent damage to scale and components
  • Perform a full diagnostic assessment to identify any damage

Available Options

  • Apply a jack and grease treatment to avoid scale seizing in the cold
  • Apply winterization process to prevent hydraulic lines from freezing (hydraulic scales only)

ADVANCE will develop a Preventive Maintenance schedule based on your frequency requirements and resources (including, time, budget and personnel).

Preventive maintenance is routinely based on:

  • Customer volume and/or usage (i.e. performance indicators)
  • OEM recommendations
  • NIST requirements
  • State law requirements
  • Industry standards and/or requirements

We are able to train your personnel to conduct proper PM and when applicable, provide certified weights to conduct in-house daily verifications in between calibration periods.

Asset management procedures such as routine scale cleaning leads to increased productivity and longer scale life

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