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Scale Calibration Services

Scale Calibration Services

Routine calibration is very important

A device’s accuracy degrades over time, whether it is through wear and tear, environmental causes or accidents. The benefits of calibrating weighing and measurement equipment can’t be ignored.

• Provides confidence in the accuracy of your measuring and weighing equipment
• Increase Overall Profits
• Extend Equipment Life
• Ensure ISO,Quality and State & Federal regulations
• Allows you to preplan maintenance and cost and reduce risk of unplanned delays

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Scale Calibration Services

Advance Scale’s calibration agreements cover testing your scales for accuracy, making ad- justments as needed to comply with NIST standards, furnishing certified test weights, educating your employees in the proper use and maintenance of your specific weighing and printing equipment, providing written documentation of conditions found and corrections made.


• Visual & electronic inspections
• Necessary field adjustments
• Use of certified test weights
• Calibration
• Replacement of worn parts (before they actually fail)
• Complete written condition report
• Service provided by factory-trained and fully equipped Advance technicians

Depending on the level of service you require, Advance Scale has the capability of performing calibration services within our 4 Levels of Service, including the benefits of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, depending on frequency requirements and resources (time, budget and personnel).

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Scale Calibration Industries Covered

• Aggregates
• Agriculture
• Chemical
• Dairy
• Food

• Livestock
• Load out
• Manufacturing
• Mining
• Oil & Gas

• Recycling/Scrap
• Transfer stations
• Transportation
• Waste

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