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Scale Calibration

truck scale calibration

Scale Calibration

 Not all industrial weighing companies are created equal in Scale Calibration. Our service department is at the heart of Advance Scale. Our customers rely on the proper servicing and calibration techniques to ensure peak performance and productivity of their systems, as well as to increase their equipment’s life expectancy and dependability.

Advance technicians are licensed by state bureaus of weights and measures and use certified test weights to check, test, adjust and calibrate your industrial scale system. We happily service all manufacturers’ equipment and our expertise covers a broad spectrum including, but not limited to –

  • Heavy

    Hopper Scales

  • Medium

    Drum Scales

  • Light

    Bench & Counting

  • Support

    Remote Displays
    Load Cells

What We Provide

Whether it’s an emergency service, preventative maintenance or a servicing a rental, call 888-447-2253 or email us to schedule an Advance technician to come out and evaluate your weighing system.

For more information on customized Service & Calibration maintenance schedules, please refer to our Preventative Maintenance resource.

We calibrate all types of scales for the following applications- Commercial, Industrial, Aggregate, Airport scales, Floor scales, Manufacturing, Food and beverage scales, Warehousing, Waste, Pharmaceuticals, and many more.  We are also 17025 ISO/IEC Accredited.

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