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Column Protector with a perfect FIT

The Column Sentry FIT is a revolutionary column protector that addresses the challenge of variable column sizes. The product features four interlocking sides that slide into place to create a flexible, impact absorbing column protector with a custom fit. No more guessing at sizes or trying to find the closest size. Corner to corner, uniform protection on all sides; safety zone remains constant.

Features Sentry’s exclusive patented air chamber to deflect impact energy away from the column. Made with a proprietary polyethylene/vinyl mix.

Column Sentry FIT Sizes

2 sizes fit most columns

Because the product is adjustable, there are very few sizes needed for Column Sentry FIT. The pieces slide in and out to fit a variety of sizes within the minimum and maximum sizes:

The Small sized FIT adjusts to fit columns between 4″x4″ (100x100mm) up to 8″x8″ (200x200mm) in size.

The Medium sized FIT adjusts to fit columns between 8″x8″ (200x200mm) up to 12″x12″ (300x300mm) in size.

Industries Covered

• Aggregates
• Agriculture
• Chemical
• Dairy
• Food

• Livestock
• Load out
• Manufacturing
• Mining
• Oil & Gas

• Recycling/Scrap
• Transfer stations
• Transportation
• Waste

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