Weighing Solutions - Any Scale For any Application

Weighing Solutions

Weighing Solutions

Weighing Solutions

Having solutions for every application of weighing has been at the core of our offering for over 35 years. From light capacity products to heavy capacity projects and everything in between, Advance has a full range of product offerings to meet your weighing needs. The product lines we offer also span across every industry. We pride ourselves on meeting and surpassing the expectations of our customers with the products that we offer.

We have trained professionals to assess each application and help provide the best solution for our customers operation. We have access to equipment from all major suppliers and industries highest quality manufacturers.  Because of our position in the industry we can provide solutions to accommodate operation and budgetary requirements. With that you will see an overall increase in productivity and increased efficiencies.


  • Balances (Micro, Semi-Micro, Analytical)
  • Bench scales
  • Floor scales
  • Checkweighers (static and in-motion)
  • Data Collection
  • Load Cells
  • Truck Scales
  • Railroad Scales
  • Pallet Jack Scales
  • Fork Lift scales
  • Indicators
  • Batching/Filling systems
  • Automated Ticketing
  • Unmanned Kiosks
  • Loader Scales
  • Wash-down scale equipment
  • Custom Software
  • Grapple Scale

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