Why a Mezzanine over a new warehouse? Commerical Maryland

Why a Mezzanine over a new warehouse?

  • Why a Mezzanine over a new warehouse?

    Why a Mezzanine over a new warehouse?

    A Warehouse Mezzanine is an ideal way to expand the storage space that you currently have or are considering renting in the future. What it does is, adds an extra layer of storage with a semi-permanent floor so that it is easier for you to store high-density items.

    • Increase the amount of storage space in the existing warehouse so your business can expand the current space without moving to another warehouse.
    • Decrease the difficult to find things and improves efficiency employees to save a lot of time looking through piles.
    • Increases efficiency in daily operations. Time is money, and an efficiently run business saves money over time.
    • Increases safety within the warehouse space because unnecessary items are stored in another area, or on top of other items.

    A better way to think about how to use mezzanine is to think about what you’re selling and then imagine it several levels above your “main” floor. Boxes are off the floor, you are able to label your product clearly, and things are neatly displayed.

    We would strongly suggest trying to stay in your smaller space and creatively “grow” its space for as long as you possibly can. But if you can’t afford expansions at this time, as a business you have some wonderful options available to you to increase your business’ current storage capacity.


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