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Wireless Checkweigher & Label Printing System

  • Wireless Checkweigher & Label Printing System

    Wireless Checkweigher & Label Printing System

    The customer would like wireless Check Weigh Scales paired with wireless label printers to be used
    in his repackaging area. The customer would like central software for editing his labeling PLU’s
    and track his production. Currently, the customer is using Deli scales with their built-in printer, but
    this is not designed for the volume of production.

    Software Scope:
    1. The software will have a database that will support an infinite amount of products (limited only by
    HDD space)
    2. Each product (PLU) will have the following stored settings.
    a. ‘USE BY’ – Fixed date or dynamic date generated from “DAYS TILL EXPIRE’ value.
    b. ‘UNIT PRICE’ – price per units of measure.
    c. ‘PLU—NAME’ – Name of the product.
    d. ‘PLU COUNT’ – PLU accumulation counter
    e. ‘FORMAT FILE’ – print format file selected for printing.
    3. The software will have a Scale database for up to 10 scale connections that can be used with
    existing license. These scale connections will listen for the scale on the network and
    reestablish connection when scale is powered-up and reconnecting to the network.

    The scope of Operations:

    Each Weighing Station will be placed on mobile Cart (Stainless Steel). Weighing Station
    components listed below.
    1 x CW90 Check Weigher w/wireless option
    1 x Zebra GX420 w/ wireless option
    1 x 6 plug surge suppressor.
    Each indicator and printer unit must be allowed 15 seconds to initialize on the wireless

    1. Manager ensures all PLU’S in labeling software for that day.
    2. The operator at any time can press the ‘ID’ key on the CW90 Scale and enter the PLU # that
    matches in the labeling software, then press the ‘ENTER’ key to confirm.
    3. If PLU was found on the Labeling System database, the Scale indicator display will scroll the
    ‘PLU’ # and ‘Loaded’ at the end.
    4. If PLU was NOT Found then the CW90 indicator display will read “NO PLU Found”
    5. Once PLU has been selected the operator can press the print key on the indicator at any time
    to produce a ticket.
    6. The Ticket price produced will be based on the ‘NET’ weight of the scale.

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