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    World Trade Center Enhanced Security with AX900TM Axle Scales 

    The World Trade Center (WTC) campus in New York City has a comprehensive vehicle security perimeter for vehicle screening. To protect the infrastructure and buildings onsite and in the surrounding areas, vehicle weighing capabilities at entry points are necessary to screen vehicles for overweight irregularities that could indicate the presence of dangerous material on board. 

    Having vehicle weight data is an important part of the enhanced security systems in operation for One WTC and the entire WTC campus. -PANYNJ 

    Infrastructure firm AECOM selected Intercomp to supply vehicle scales due to their experience manufacturing scales for transportation, security, and enforcement purposes. Partnered with Advance Scale of NJ for installation and calibration, the installations took under two weeks, satisfying demanding WTC work restrictions. The in-ground AX900TM scales can stand up to harsh year-round environments experienced in New York City. 

    To detect and monitor weights for security purposes, three separate entry points incorporate four Intercomp platform scales per lane in areas between the safety barriers. Six lanes from Washington Street, West Broadway, and Trinity Place secure access to the WTC campus, screening passenger vehicles, tourist buses, and delivery trucks. Monitoring software displays the weights of axles, axle groups, and Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW) for security operators to view inside an adjacent control room. 

    NTEP certified with an accuracy of ±0.1%, the AX900TM Axle Scales utilize hermetically-sealed, shear beam load cells to precisely weigh vehicles for axle and GVW. The scales are used by some states for legal commercial vehicle weight enforcement efforts, border security, and by commercial organizations weighing inbound and outbound vehicles for inventory control and facility security at fixed sites. Capable of being transported and deployed to different locations, or mounted in frames installed in the pavement (as done at the WTC), the AX900TM scales provide proven accuracy for a variety of applications. 



    Intercomp is proud to have its scales as part of the security systems in place for protecting the World Trade Center campus in New York City. 

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    The entrances to the WTC complex incorporate AX900TM scales for determining vehicle weights. 

    The AX900TM Axle Scales are installed in frames and available for 24/7 weight monitoring at multiple sites. 

    Each lane reports vehicle weights for security personnel to monitor for dangerous goods. 

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